Homepolish offers a smart, accessible, and personal service that’s revolutionizing the interior design industry. Whether a customer is merely accessorizing or they’re fully gut-renovating, Homepolish delivers effective solutions.

The Taktical approach

We began with a deep dive into historical business data. Our thorough analysis revealed Facebook’s Lead Ad to be the superior means of driving and canvassing new business for Homepolish.Through Lookalike Audiences, region-specific creative, and device targeting, Taktical boosted Homepolish’s growth by 30%. The results shown below demonstrate how we effectively optimized return-on-investment as well.

Goals and challenges

Homepolish enlisted our help to drive leads for interior decorators from qualified prospects through a considerably long sales cycle. They emphasized cost-efficiency as well, requiring us to vigilantly consider every dollar spent. It was also crucial that both marketing and creative teams thoroughly understood differences in conversion data.

Lower Cost per Acquisition
Under Target Cost
Monthly Leads
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