5 Easy Tips for Finding What to Sell on Amazon to Make a Profit

Sometimes the hardest part of starting your journey as an e-commerce seller is figuring out what are the best products to sell on Amazon. 

The options you have are almost unlimited, as long as they fall within Amazon’s guidelines. 

The problem is finding what to sell on Amazon to actually make money.

what to sell on Amazon - make money

There are some ways you can make the process easier if you know how to use the tools and resources out there. 

You can use things like FBA calculators to track fees and profit potentials. 

There are also sales rank tools to help you find out what’s selling on Amazon right now and how your product ideas are fitting into the current market.

If you effectively use what’s at your disposal, you can make a great decision about what to sell on Amazon. 

You just have to do a little research and put in the time needed to get familiar with your options. 

Here are five easy tips to help you find what to sell on Amazon for a profit.

1. Use An FBA Fee And Profit Calculator

If you have a few items of the best products to sell on Amazon, the next thing to consider is which items are going to cost the least to list and stand the most to make. 

Using the FBA service from Amazon is a great idea. 

Amazon customers trust the Amazon brand and they extend that trust to items fulfilled by Amazon, too. 

Prime customers also want to be able to take advantage of the shipping options.

When you’re using FBA services to sell on Amazon, you’re going to need to focus on the fees related to that option. 

That’s where an FBA fee calculator comes in. 

With an FBA calculator, you’ll be able to get accurate answers about how much your item is going to cost to list. 

what to sell on Amazon - FBA calculator
Image source: https://www.junglescout.com/fba-calculator/

There are a lot of variables to consider with the FBA fees, but all are important when you’re determining what to sell on Amazon to make money. 

When taking all of these into account, it’s often too much to do on your own so using a calculator is key.

Instead of rounding numbers and risking being wrong about your mental math, you can get accurate information. 

Fee and profit calculators can also help you figure out the pricing for your product. 

You’ll be able to find the sweet spot where you’re making money but aren’t pricing yourself out of the market. 

what to sell on Amazon - Amazon FBA
Image source: https://www.synccentric.com/features/amazon-fba-fee/

If you see that your calculator is suggesting a price that isn’t going to be competitive, you can opt to look at other ideas for what to sell on Amazon FBA. 

If you use an FBA fee and profit calculator throughout your decision-making process, you’ll be more informed about your final choices. 

Don’t skip this step and make sure you’re using it early on.

2. The Best Products to Sell on Amazon Can Be the Simplest

When you’re still finding products to sell on Amazon, think about going for simple products over complicated ones. 

Sometimes this can seem like a less enticing option at first, but dig a little deeper. 

Simple products with a clear function that are easy to use are less likely to leave a customer dissatisfied and asking for a refund. 

what to sell on Amazon - customer satisfaction gif

Returns are going to cost you money: both back to the customer and in fees to Amazon. 

Choosing simple items to sell on Amazon FBA is a way to minimize that fee to a negligible amount. 

You’re still probably going to have customers that are unhappy, but the more complicated your product is the more you’re risking dissatisfaction issues. 

If you haven’t committed to what to sell on Amazon yet, do yourself a favor and seriously consider a simple product. 

Refund fees can add up quickly and be the demise of your Amazon selling career. 

Saving potential headaches and lost money is something you should definitely consider.

3. Look At the Best Sellers List to Help You Decide What to Sell on Amazon FBA

Amazon has a list of best sellers for every category it offers. 

You can look at that list to get an idea of what’s selling well and help you decide what to sell on Amazon yourself. 

Use that to look at what’s already choked with too many competitors and also to see what might not be relevant enough to sell. 

what to sell on Amazon - bestsellers

There’s a good balance to be found by looking at what products are selling on Amazon well.

You can also keep in mind that the best sellers change frequently. 

Look at the list over a course of a week or two to see what’s continuously doing well. 

Sometimes an item might be hot for a few days and then forgotten about by the next week. 

You don’t want to make a decision about the best products to sell on Amazon based on looking at the list only once. 

The best sellers list will help you see both what to avoid, and what could be a good idea. 

The key is to avoid items that are too trendy or already dominated by the big guys. 

If you use the best sellers list well, you’ll be able to make some great decisions on what to sell on Amazon for a profit with the information there. 

4. Think About Your Niche

There’s something to be said for having a niche that isn’t dominated by the bigger brands, but you don’t want to go so niche that there isn’t a market at all either. 

Keep the balance in mind as you’re choosing the best products to sell on Amazon to make money. 

what to sell on Amazon - product search
Image source: https://www.bannerview.com/blog/guest/BOSVIEW/8-Ecommerce-Store-Tips-for-Success/

If you see that no one on Amazon is selling what you’re thinking of listing, there’s probably a reason.

Other sellers have probably already figured out that the item just isn’t going to sell. 

Try to find items that aren’t drowning in competition but still have some representation. 

Think about the mass appeal of your product before you decide what to sell on Amazon FBA.

5. Use A Sales Rank Tool for Finding Products to Sell on Amazon

There are sales rank tools to help you analyze the market even further than the best sellers list. 

These are meant to be as up to date and accurate as possible. 

what to sell on Amazon - sellers rank tool
Image source: https://www.junglescout.com/blog/amazon-best-sellers-rank/

Some of them even update every hour or two to make sure you’re getting the best information out there. 

Use a sales rank tool to look for market trends, what’s selling well, and what’s been selling well for a long time. 

It will help you understand the market a little better and make a better decision on what to sell on Amazon for profit. 

Use the tool to analyze possible ideas with general keywords or search for specific items. 

Either way, you’re going to get some very detailed information.

Determine What You Should Sell on Amazon

Finding what to sell on Amazon to make money is going to take some time, but it will be worth the effort in the end. 

what to sell on Amazon - piggybank

As you’re researching, it can be tempting to rush because you’re excited. 

Fight that urge and remind yourself that you want to be in this for the best possible profit. 

That’s going to require a well thought-out decision made over time. 

Once you’ve listed your items, optimized your Amazon product listing, and are pulling in a good profit, you’ll be thrilled with the results.


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