How to Measure Your Marketing Success on Amazon Using the New Attribution Tool

Want to grow your Amazon sales over 300% in a year?

How about a 96% overall sales increase in just a single quarter?

That’s what Premier Protein did with their Amazon marketing.

Sure, factors like a cross-platform media campaign and careful oversight from an Amazon ad agency helped.

But, it was Amazon’s new ad attribution tool that really shot this brand to success.

According to the e-commerce giant’s own site, the Amazon Attribution Beta tool looks at “sales impact analysis across media channels off Amazon.”

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Looking at ad results and optimizing campaigns has always been a part of Amazon marketing best practices.

With the new attribution tool, however, tracking success has never been easier.

Now, you can set your Amazon KPIs and determine if your ads are reaching these goals.

By comparing performance across platforms, you can optimize your Amazon ads.

In doing so, you can expect to see a boost in ROI and engagement as you figure out what marketing techniques work best on the platform for your brand.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to learn more about Amazon attribution and how to measure your success on the platform.

Then, you can start seeing results that surpass even Premier Protein’s 322% boost in Amazon sales.

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Why You Should Care About the Attribution Tool if You Advertise on Amazon

Even though it’s only in beta, Amazon’s new marketing tool gives brands something they’ve needed from the platform for a while.

Finally, you can precisely track the traffic to your Amazon page, regardless of where it come from – on or off of Amazon.

Sounds kind of like the Facebook Pixel, right?

Well, it’s similar to the Facebook targeting tool in that it lets the platform take credit for success that aren’t derived solely from a brand’s native ads.

As long as the user ends up returning to your Amazon page, the attribution tool can track their behavior to determine the factors leading to their engagement.

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It’s a One-Stop Shop for Measuring Your Amazon Marketing Success

This isn’t just Amazon’s way of competing with Facebook.

It’s also their answer to rival Google’s attribution tool, which was introduced earlier this year.

In the past, advertisers often used Google’s tools to track their PPC campaigns across platforms.

This included traffic to their Amazon pages.

Now, however, you can use the platform’s own attribution pixel to measure your Amazon marketing success.

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To understand the value of Amazon having its own attribution, let’s refer to a quote from Ben Tregoe, SVP of Revenue at ad tech company Nanigans:

“The reason each platform is intent on having their own attribution system is that they know the other platforms cannot be trusted to properly credit ads outside their own platform. Google is always going to say its ads were more effective in driving the conversion just as Facebook and Amazon will.”

You are now put in a position to own the Amazon ad attribution channel.

This makes measuring your Amazon KPIs even easier.

Additionally, this feature provides the peace of mind that the results you’re seeing regarding your Amazon advertising are as accurate as possible.

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You Can Use the Results to Determine Amazon KPIs and Improve Ad Performance

If you’ve ever struggled to prove the ROI of a marketing campaign, you’re not alone.

43% of marketers identify measuring ROI as their most difficult challenge.

This is where ascribing an attribution method to your advertising campaigns can help.

On average, integrating an attribution model to a marketing strategy can boost revenue by 15-35%.

The Amazon ad attribution tool, in particular, is your key to visualizing the customer journey from first touchpoint to final purchase on the site.

Understanding the way a customer interacts with your brand across platforms will help you build a better Amazon marketing campaign.

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Considering that the average customer touchpoints prior to a conversion ranges from 2.4 to 7.3, having the ability to track customer behavior is essential for success.

Attribution clearly helps you reach the end goal of greater sales.

But, you can also use the tool to hone your Amazon advertising to increase other important metrics, like engagement and loyalty.

With accurate metrics at your disposal, you can then set Amazon KPIs you hope to reach with your campaign.

Prior to the introduction of the attribution tool, these expectations were based on performance on the platform alone.

Now, you have off-platform information you can integrate to both expand and specify your Amazon marketing goals.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Driving Off-Platform Traffic to Your Amazon Page

In an interesting twist, the new attribution tool means the best way to advertise on Amazon is not just on the platform.

Instead, it increases the value of cross-platform marketing.

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86% of marketers identify multi-channel marketing as a key part of their strategy’s success.

And consider that 72% of consumers prefer to interact with a brand on multiple channels before making a purchase.

Understanding the importance of a cross-platform marketing campaign makes recognizing the value of Amazon’s ad attribution tool even easier.

There are two major advantages to be gained with directing off-platform traffic to your Amazon page.

The first is competitive advantage.

Instead of competing with other brands running Amazon ads on search results, your off-platform advertising can direct them right to your Amazon product page.

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The second is that you can expand your customer base.

By expanding your Amazon marketing beyond the platform itself, you gain access to additional audiences.

As a result, your potential pool of customers also increases.

Then, you can combine the attribution tool with other Amazon marketing best practices.

In this way, you can determine precisely who your target audience is and reach them even more effectively off the platform. 

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How to Use the Tool to Optimize Your Amazon Ads

Let’s go back to the Premier Protein example to see how Amazon ad optimization with this new feature works.

By examining the results from the Amazon Attribution tool, the brand was able to deduce the following:

  • Health publication ad content led to 83% of Premier Protein’s Q4 2017 Amazon ad-attributed sales.
  • Major audience segments that arose were Amazon audiences focused on health, sports, and exercise.
  • Ad content placed on health forums yielded a 30X greater ROAS than the total investment average.

With this information at their disposal, Premier Protein set out to optimize their Amazon marketing strategy.

So first they tackled the information regarding the health publication ad content.

Given the success of this media for boosting sales, the company decided to invest more in health publications.

Then, they turned to the insights provided about their target audience.

It was clear from the attribution tool’s reporting that their three most valuable audience segments were involved in health, fitness, and sports.

Amazon marketing - Premier Protein #2

Premier Protein leveraged this knowledge to create cross-platform ad content that spoke more to these consumers.

The value of the Amazon attribution tool throughout the entire analytics gathering and optimization process was summed up by Jeremy Lopez, Media Supervisor at Exverus Media (the company in charge of Premier Protein’s entire media management):

“Amazon Attribution gave us deeper insight than the typical engagement and media metrics we receive from other solutions. Using these insights, we were able to quickly optimize our investment strategy and generate greater ROI for Premier Protein.”

You can similarly apply their model to your own brand.

All that’s needed is a critical eye to analyze the results gathered from the attribution pixel.

That, and a little knowledge on Amazon marketing best practices will allow you to optimize your campaign to an entirely new extent.

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Measure Your Amazon Marketing Performance

It’s one thing to look at the amount of products you sold on Amazon from direct ad traffic on the platform.

It’s another to analyze customer behavior off-platform.

Doing so provides insight into the journey they took to reach your product listing.

Even if they don’t convert, you can gain valuable knowledge about their values and how they engage across platforms.

You can then use this knowledge to inform how you advertise both on and off Amazon.

This is what makes the Amazon ad attribution tool so valuable.

It’s time to start proving your Amazon marketing strategy works.

Understanding this new tool and how to leverage it is the best way to do that.

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