Taktical Growth Hacks – #83
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Taktical Growth Haxcks - video rankings

Growth Hack #1 – Increase Conversions for Software +20% Using Videos:

HubSpot redesigned its website, and during their research they found that 65% of their users preferred to learn about a new software with a video.

They emphasized the video and edited it down to be more efficient.

The result: 20% more conversions from the previous version.

Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/hubspot-redesign#sm.00000vmf3nbv92cxuzpetf8f9iky8

Growth Hack #2 – Make Your Stories Go Viral With These 6 Emotional Combinations:

After examining six different psychological studies that analyzed content, 6 emotional combinations (formulas) were determined to generate a viral value that exceeded the normal threshold.

These combinations are made up of feelings that inspire a level of arousal and dominance vs. submission.

Arousal goes from excitement to relaxation: Enthusiasm is high-arousal, while boredom is a low-arousal emotion.

Dominance and submission refer to how ‘in control’ someone is over an emotion. For example, fear is a submissive emotion, while passion is a dominant one.

Here are the 6 combinations that make content go viral:

1. High-arousal positive dominant emotions: These include love, passion, enthusiasm, lyricism, curiosity, triumph, and the like. These emotions are often driven to the extreme.

2. High-arousal positive dominant emotions: These include the same reactions as above, with the inclusion of surprise and shock.

3. High-arousal negative submissive emotions: Emotions like terror, panic, fear, shock, envy, desperation, jumpiness, frustration, disgust, and sickness are included in this category.

4. High-arousal positive submissive emotions: this category echoes that of its dominant counterpart, but without a sense of control. It also includes shock and surprise.

5. Low-arousal negative submissive emotions: Including boredom, embarrassment, compassion, humility, melancholy, and apologetic feelings, it can also include shock and surprise.

6. Low-arousal positive submissive emotions: this reaction solicits feelings of relaxation, contentment, relief, gratefulness, and the like.

Taktical Growth Hacks - Google Snippet box

Growth Hack #3 – +114% CTR By Getting into Google’s Snippet Box:

Google’s Featured Snippet is the box at the top of the results page that displays the direct instructions that have been pulled from your webpage.

Matthew Barby recently analyzed patterns of results appearing in the featured snippets. He saw an average increase in CTR of over 114%, and that’s even if they were already ranking #1 on page one.

Here are his findings:

1. The query should be either, “how to,” “what is,” “how do,” or “how does”.

2. It doesn’t matter whether your page takes 1st or 10th position (not further then 10th).

3. The search query should be in h1, h2, h3 or h4, etc.

4. The answer to the query should be placed in a tag directly below the header.

5. The answer should be between 54–58 words long.

Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-featured-snippet-box#sm.00000vmf3nbv92cxuzpetf8f9iky8

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