Here’s How to Use the Trip Consideration Ad Objective on Facebook

Watch out, travel agents: Facebook is the new destination for people planning their trips.

More and more users are turning to the platform to help inspire their travel plans.

Additionally, they’re booking it right through the social media giant thanks to Facebook dynamic ads for travel.

When Facebook first announced this feature in May, 2016, travel industry players rejoiced.

With Facebook dynamic ads for travel (DAT), hotels, airlines, and more could more effectively target their customers at each stage of the conversion funnel.

The objectives for travel organizations are more varied than traditional ecommerce institutions.

While online retailers sell physical products, travel and hospitality advertisers are trying to earn sales for getaway packages, hotel rooms, rental cars, etc.

trip consideration Facebook ads - conversion funnel
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Thanks to Facebook dynamic ads for travel, these companies can create campaigns that reflect their unique conversion funnel.

But what about reaching people before they’ve even done the trip-related search?

This is where the travel consideration Facebook ad comes in.

We’re going to dive into what these ads are, why they’re effective, and how you can integrate them into your Facebook ads strategy.

What Are Travel Consideration Facebook Ads?

Similar to DAT, travel consideration ads are intended as a Facebook targeting tool for travel and hospitality marketers.

They’re actually a subset of Facebook dynamic ads, and are set up as an objective option.

trip consideration Facebook ads - BookingBuddy
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Unlike DAT, however, travel consideration ads are intended to reach people in the earliest stages of trip planning.

Facebook flags behavior that indicates a user is thinking about taking a trip (e.g. visits Facebook pages of certain destinations).

Then, businesses can push travel ads to that user offering flight deals, hotel bookings, etc. that relate to the page they were visiting.

Even though the user hasn’t expressed any obvious intent, this Facebook targeting tool lets brands reach them at a crucial moment in their trip planning.

Why are Travel Ads Effective on Facebook?

The best place to start in answering this question is to take a look at where people begin their search for travel inspiration.

68% of millennials use Facebook to get ideas for their next trip.

On Instagram, that figure is 60%.

When used in conjunction with Facebook dynamic ads for travel, travel consideration ads can boost conversions substantially.

trip consideration Facebook ads - EF Ultimate Break
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Take EF Ultimate Break, for example.

They were already running a DAT campaign.

In order to capture people earlier in the funnel, though, they launched travel consideration Facebook ads.

As a result, they earned a 49% boost in their conversion rate.

However, this Facebook targeting tool is also effective all on its own.

If you’re objective is engagement, travel consideration Facebook ads can also yield impressive results.

NYC & Company, for example, used these travel ads for their True York City campaign.

Their goal was to drive video views and link clicks.

The results:

  • 61% more video views
  • 58% increase in link clicks
  • 29% reduction in CPC
trip consideration Facebook ads - carousel ad
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In general, trip consideration Facebook ads are effective tools for reducing costs and driving sales.

In another case study, a travel company using these travel ads in their Facebook marketing strategy yielded a 33% reduction in cost-per-booking.

Additionally, conversion rates were 59% higher than ad sets without the travel consideration Facebook targeting tool.

Consider the combination of the platform’s powerful targeting tools and its popularity as the starting point for trip searches.

Then, it should come as no surprise that Facebook trip consideration ads perform so well.

How to Launch Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel

To incorporate travel consideration in your Facebook ads strategy, you first need to make sure you have a pixel installed.

Now, we can go step by step through setting up these travel ads.

1. Select Conversions under the Objectives section of Ads Manager
2. Choose your Audience and Placements. Keep in mind that you can use Facebook targeting tools to filter this audience, and Facebook will automatically optimize to serve your ads only to those with travel intent.
3. In the Optimization for Ad Delivery section, toggle the “Prioritize delivery to people who plan to travel” button.

trip consideration Facebook ads - optimization toggle
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4. Fill in the sections for identity, format, and links. Facebook suggests using images that serve a brand-building purpose, or showcase a top deal or destination.
5. Review and submit your trip consideration Facebook ad for approval!

Optimize Your Facebook Travel Ads

Just like with any other Facebook ad format, there are a few best practices to keep in mind for trip consideration ads.

First, take a look at best practices and formatting for Facebook dynamic creative ads.

Since this is the parent category for the trip consideration Facebook ad objective, it’s important to have a solid grasp of the DAT targeting tool.

trip consideration Facebook ads - Cathay
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Then, consider the following for each part of a Facebook travel consideration ad:

Audience Size

Facebook suggests an audience size of at least 7 million. If you target too narrowly or serve to a small audience, it will likely lead to poor results.

Travel Ad Optimization

When using website conversion as a Facebook travel ad objective, optimize for search, initiate checkout, or purchase.

What to Bid

When first launching trip consideration Facebook ads, start with autobid. When CPC starts hitting or going above target, then you can start playing around with specific bid targets.

Facebook Travel Ad Campaign Duration

Set your Facebook travel consideration ads to “always-on”. This will allow you to reach new audiences from the moment they express an interest in travel.

Analyzing and Evaluating Results

Measure the success of your Facebook travel ads strategy by looking at the impact made on the targeted event. For example, if you’re targeting search events, evaluate based on total volume of searches and cost per search.

The Creative

Trip consideration Facebook ads can be displayed as carousel, static image, single video, or collection. The best way to optimize is to test different creative formats, and see which performs best for your travel ad objective.

If you’re in the travel or hospitality industry, trip consideration ads should be a part of your Facebook ads strategy.

They can be easily integrated into your existing Facebook dynamic ad campaign.

Or, they can be effective all on their own.

With trip consideration Facebook ads, you can boost conversions, enhance engagement, and drive sales.

Consult with an experienced Facebook advertising agency to discuss the best options for your business and how to optimize your travel ad strategy.

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