A Marketer’s Guide to macOS Ventura: Top 5 Features
Apple makes fall interesting for all Mac users. It’s the time of the year when a new operating system is released. This year, Ventura (macOS 13) is expected to become available in October 2022. But Apple already announced its most important features and made the beta version available for testers.  Although Ventura is not a huge upgrade like 2020’s Big Sur, it still brings important changes that will improve users’ experience (mainly by making it more productive). The changes are meant to make creation, organization, document production, and collaboration effortless.  Let’s focus on marketers: how will their work benefit from macOS Ventura?

More Effective Email Communication

When you mention email to marketers, they immediately think of email marketing. However, this method of communication is also important in other aspects of their work, aside from generating promotional messages to subscribers. Email is still the main way to stay connected with partners, clients, collaborators, and the entire team.  In today’s day and age, many marketers don’t have fixed working hours. Many people work on a remote-first basis, which makes email an invaluable tool. So, how will Ventura improve the Mac email experience? The app’s search feature will be significantly improved. When you need to find a specific message, you’ll get more accurate results before you even finish typing. You’ll be able to schedule messages to be sent at a specific time without using an additional scheduling app. The app will enable you to add reminders to follow up on important messages. You will finally get a simple unsend feature. If you notice a spelling mistake, forget to include important info, or change your mind about something, you can unsend the message you just sent. If you forget to add an attachment or a recipient that you mentioned in the message, the app will remind you about it. Rich links will enable you to add more details for the recipient in the message itself.

Window Organization with Stage Manager

This is a brand-new feature that will improve the Mac user experience dramatically. Stage Manager will automatically organize all windows and apps in a single view, to move between tasks without losing focus. You’ll get a prominent center view of the app you’re currently using, and all other open windows and apps will be arranged on the side. With this, the desktop clutter will be reduced. Any upcoming updates will be shown in the apps on the side.  Marketing experts commonly juggle multiple apps at the same time. This is typical when they produce content, coordinate team members, and manage projects. Although you’ll get a view of all active apps with Stage Manager, the feature won’t be distracting at all. You’ll be able to group apps with a drag-and-drop function. The group of apps that were most recently used will appear on top.  Ventura will support a full external display. When you work with an iPad, Stage Manager will bring a whole new multitasking experience. You can drag windows and apps between your Mac and iPad. 

Safari is Getting Faster, More Secure, and More Effective for Collaboration

With macOS Ventura, Apple remains focused on making Safari the fastest and most secure browser available. In terms of speed, Safari will render the most complex websites faster than ever before. That said, you may notice a decrease in speed if you own an older Mac. This is a rather significant upgrade, which weighs around 12GB. The rule of thumb is to free up at least twice that volume of space before an upgrade. You can follow these macOS Ventura speed tips to keep your Mac fast and functional.  Speed is not Safari’s only improvement. It will also be more power-efficient to achieve more work on a single charge. As for security, passkeys will bring an upgraded end-to-end encrypted sign-in method, which makes them stronger than any two-factor authentication method. With all the user profiles that marketers have, extra-secure quick access is always welcome! Shared Tab Groups is another great feature that Apple introduces to Safari with macOS Ventura. You’ll be able to group tabs and links and share them with your team. 

FaceTime Continuity Makes Conferencing More Convenient

FaceTime is finally getting the Handoff feature. It means you can transfer a call from one device to another with a single click. If you have an important call that you have to handle from your Mac, but your computer is not within reach when the client calls, you can answer from your iPhone and continue the session on your Mac.  The feature is available from iPhone to Mac, iPad to iPhone, Mac to iPad, and more. If you use a Bluetooth headset, it will seamlessly connect between devices, too. The best part is that you can continue relying on your iPhone’s camera when using FaceTime on your Mac. With its Studio Light, Portrait Mode, and Center Stage options, it contributes to conference calls of higher quality.   Deskview is another essential feature that’s available through the iPhone’s ultra-wide camera. You can use it to show objects from your desk. The feature is compatible with Webex, Teams, and Zoom meetings. You can use it to show diagrams, sketches, and designs from your marketing projects.    If you own an Apple silicon-based Mac, you’ll also get live captions across audio content (FaceTime included). That feature won’t be available on Intel Macs. 

Freeform Enables Creative and Productive Collaboration

Freeform is one of the most incredible apps that have been announced lately. It will be available later in the year after the macOS Ventura release. It’s a collaboration app that gives you a blank canvas to use for diagramming projects, brainstorming, and more. All session members will be able to contribute content and edits, which you’ll see in real-time. The app will support web links, documents, PDFs, audio, video, and image files.  Freeform will mostly be helpful for team collaboration. However, marketers can also use it for collaborative marketing and co-branding. Teaming up with another brand requires an effective communication tool. Freeform is a great choice, especially during the brainstorming process. When you combine it with the updated FaceTime, there’s no need to install any additional apps on a Mac.    
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