These 3 Ads Prove This is the Best Way to Advertise on Amazon

So remember when everyone was talking about Amazon becoming a leading advertiser in 2018?

Well, it’s happening.

In Q1 2018, Amazon’s ad sales exceeded $2 billion for the first time.

In fact, it’s predicted to be the third-largest advertiser by 2020, just behind Google and Facebook.

Amazon also has a native advertising strategy that’s bringing more customers to the platform.

In Q1 of this year alone, it accounted for 10% of total programmatic ad spend.

That’s 1.5X what Microsoft spent, which took second place.

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Let’s not forget, too, the massive acquisition of Whole Foods in the middle of 2017.

With every indicator pointing to the continued growth of the e-commerce company, it’s time to really understand how to advertise on Amazon.

It’s not just traditional retailers that can benefit from an Amazon advertising campaign strategy.

Now, the reach of the company is so great that almost any vertical across industries can take advantage of its services.

Consider the facts:

One of the simplest ways to learn how to advertise on Amazon is to look at case studies.

These success stories point out the best ways to advertise on the platform.

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Let’s take a look at three of the best ads on Amazon.

We’ll discuss why they’re successful and what best practices they utilize to reach that point.

Then, you can go out and optimize your own Amazon advertising campaign strategy.

1. Green Gobbler Earns 10-20X ROI With Their Amazon Advertising Strategy

best Amazon ads - Sponsored Product ads

The Campaign

This household product company’s Sponsored Product campaign began in 2016.

Even from the beginning, Green Gobbler’s Amazon ads achieved success.

However, they wanted to optimize their advertising strategy even further to create their best Amazon ads yet.

So, they partnered with Teikametrics, an Amazon-focused software platform.

By leveraging both the analytics and tools from Teikametrics and Amazon’s own ad platform features, Green Gobbler grew their monthly sales an astounding 614% compared to the previous year.

They sustained an 11X ROI from August 2016-August 2017.

Now, Sponsored Products account for 30% of their monthly sales revenue as they continue to optimize their Amazon advertising strategy.

best Amazon ads - GG sponsored product example

Why It Worked

Sponsored Product Ads are consistently one of the best ways to advertise on Amazon.

Using broad keywords, you can reach more customers through keyword targeting.

Your products appears at the top of search results page, encouraging shoppers to click on them first.

Sponsored Products have been shown to have a high ROI when high-quality images are used, the product receives good reviews, and overall quality is high.

Green Gobbler took advantage of this Amazon advertising campaign strategy by doing all of the above.

However, they also conducted extensive keyword research that they continued to review and optimize over time.

Partnering with an analytics software was an additional way for them to review their results frequently in order to optimize their ads.

The best Sponsored Product Amazon ads include the keywords their customers are searching for.

Additionally, the brands behind these ads continuously review and optimize their Amazon advertising strategy.

Pairing up with an Amazon advertising agency or other platform can also help.

2. Linenspa Re-Engages Amazon Customers Using Ads That Doubled Sales

best Amazon ads - display ads
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The Campaign

When Linenspa wanted to re-engage customers that showed high purchase intent on other platforms, they leveraged Amazon display ads.

The Amazon advertising strategy complemented their search advertising and earned amazing results.

What were those results exactly?

  • 1.6X higher ROAS than search campaigns
  • 34% more organic impressions for brand products than before campaign was launched
  • Double the number of average daily sales vs. pre-campaign time period

All they did was re-target users that had previously visited one or more of their brand product detail pages on Amazon.

This proved the shopper had a level of interest in Linenspa, and were therefore more motivated to purchase.

To truly make theirs the best Amazon ads possible, the company also included unique features like Customer Reviews and Shop Now CTAs.

best Amazon ads - Linenspa example

Why It Worked

Linenspa’s Amazon advertising campaign strategy used Product Display ads in just the right way.

Especially when paired with a search advertising strategy, display ads can be incredibly effective.

If placed below an Add to Cart button, it’s possible to increase the value of the cart at checkout.

When placed along competitors’ products, it’s an easy way to piggyback off of their success.

Whether for cross-selling or upselling, display ads can appear on specific product pages and target either your own related products or a competitors’.

Linenspa also took advantage of the platform’s shopping features customers enjoy.

Specifically, including customer reviews on ads is one of the best ways to advertise on Amazon.

By creating quality ads and placing them thoughtfully on their own brand product pages and those of competitors’, Linenspa’s Amazon advertising strategy was a true success.

3. The RB Group Boosts Total RoAS 4% YoY With the Best Amazon Ads

best Amazon ads - Headline Search ads

The Campaign

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) encompasses a range of household and hygiene brands like Veet, Lysol, and Finish.

They first launched an Amazon advertising campaign strategy in 2015 to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

In order to optimize their ads, they partnered with Performics, a marketing agency.

With Performics’ assistance, the company learned the best way to advertise on Amazon for specific product lines in their brands.

The way they did this was to specifically leverage Headline Search ads and custom landing pages.

Each Headline ad directed to a curated Amazon Store, which created a more pleasurable and immersive experience for shoppers.

They also doubled down on advertising during holidays like Mother’s Day and Prime day with coupons and special offers.

Throughout the campaign, RB optimized their Amazon advertising strategy.

Using auto-targeted campaigns that ran for a few months, they continuously checked keyword performance.

Then, they applied the best-performing keywords to evergreen campaigns to boost their profitability.

With this multi-faceted Amazon advertising strategy, RB earned the following results:

  • 113% increase in ad-attributed sales YoY
  • Ad-attributed units increased 169% year-over-year
  • RoAS increased 4% YoY

best Amazon ads - RB Amazon Store exmaple

Why It Worked

Though RB took an approach that incorporated all three types of Amazon ads, their use of Headline Search ads is particularly worthy of looking into.

The best way to advertise on Amazon using Headline ads is exemplified in their campaign.

First, they made sure to use keywords they continuously optimized over time.

In this way, as customers searched for related terms, RB ensured their product lines would appear.

Second, they directed Headline Search ads to curated Amazon Store pages.

These pages feel like you’re shopping directly on the brand’s website, encouraging greater awareness while looking better than traditional Amazon listings.

Finally, RB succeeded in making the best Headline Search Amazon ads by featuring more than one brand in some of their ad copy.

For example, their performance analytics showed that customers often shopped for Lysol and Finish products together.

Therefore, RB’s Amazon advertising strategy began incorporating ad copy that referenced both Lysol and Finish.

The use of custom landing pages was just the cherry on top for this company’s Amazon ad campaigns.

What RB’s Amazon ads prove is that Headline ads, keyword research, and customized product pages all lead to immense success on the platform.

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How to Launch Your Best Amazon Ad

Amazon’s advertising platform is incredibly accessible.

It’s free to create product pages and stores, which is the basis of an excellent Amazon advertising strategy.

Then, it’s just a matter of selecting which ad type best suits your brand and objectives.

You can select one or all three – just remember to keep optimizing!

What these three examples prove is that anyone can succeed on Amazon.

The shared characteristics of all three are high-quality ads, great keyword research, and continuous performance tracking and optimization.

We didn’t say it was easy.

But, these three examples of the best Amazon ads show what a little effort, thoughtfulness, and creativity can accomplish.

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