These 10 B2B Facebook Ads are the Only Examples You Need for a Better Campaign

If you run a business, you know: You’re difficult to convince with an ad.

You have many more factors to consider before making a purchasing decision:

  • The other decision-makers in your company to consult.
  • A monthly budget that you need to stick to.
  • The natural wariness that comes with considering making a purchase off of an ad from another business.

Even if they’re not competitors, you’re still more likely to look at another business’ advertisement with a more critical eye.

You may even compare their ads to your own.

In general, B2B advertising is more difficult than B2C for all of the reasons listed above, and those specific to your vertical.

For example, the average sales cycle for B2B SaaS technology is 12-18 months.

For many consumer-facing products, it takes just a matter of hours to go from browsing to purchasing.

B2B Facebook ads

Since B2B customers take more convincing, it’s important to craft your ads more carefully.

To inspire your creativity and boost your campaign’s effectiveness, we’ve rounded up the ten best B2B Facebook ad examples.

We’re also looking at why Facebook for B2B marketing is increasingly effective and should be the focus for your brand’s ad strategy.

Why B2B Facebook Advertising Works

There’s almost no better outlet for your B2B company to reach its target customer in a highly deliberate and trackable way than Facebook.

For one, Facebook holds the majority of social sharing, with 90% originating on the platform.

Additionally, Facebook for B2B marketing takes advantage of the advanced targeting metrics and campaign objectives specifically geared towards B2B advertisers (e.g. lead generation).

Consider that almost 96% of social media marketers already believe Facebook produces the best ROI.

While a majority of B2B marketers currently prefer LinkedIn, it’s only a matter of time before B2B Facebook advertising catches up in popularity to its B2C side.

B2B Facebook ads - concept

In the meantime, your business can take advantage of the lack of brands using Facebook for B2B marketing.

As a non-preferred platform, B2B Facebook ads are 5-10 times cheaper than LinkedIn in terms of CPC and CPM.

However, don’t let the reduced price fool you: Facebook is still one of the best channels for generating leads, driving conversions, and spreading brand awareness.

Once you’ve installed the Facebook pixel to track and optimize your campaign, you too can begin taking advantage of the benefits of Facebook ads for B2B.

The B2B Facebook Ad Examples

Use Facebook Ads to Offer an Incentive to Other B2B Companies

One of the popular trends in Facebook B2B advertising is driving traffic to a free download or resource.

Not only can you generate leads from a B2B Facebook ad like this, but it’s also effective for brand awareness.

B2B Facebook ads - Wordstream

Wordstream’s B2B Facebook ad drives to a download of their free guide.

They entice their audience with a value-add of a Quality Score on AdWords.

Then, they provide a brief summary of what’s in the guide.

These two elements combined are effective at enticing other businesses to click through and download the guide (likely at the cost of signing up with an email address).

B2B Facebook ads - Microsoft

With a simple value prop, summary, and helpful photo, Microsoft succeeds at attracting the attention of their B2B audience.

B2B Facebook ads - Flatiron School

Flatiron School’s desktop Facebook ad for B2B promotes the offer directly within the graphic.

The appeal of the offer, combined with the eye-catching promotional graphic help drive sign-ups for their course.

B2B Facebook ads - ConvertKit

This B2B Facebook ad example shows the potential of the platform for effective retargeting.

With the incentive of a free trial, ConvertKit made it almost impossible for those who had previously visited their website to pass up their offer.

B2B Facebook ads -

Mobile marketing is clearly on the rise, and understanding mobile ad trends is essential for both B2C and B2B success.

Even when you create Facebook ads for B2B on mobile, the copy, image, and CTA can stand out. demonstrates the effectiveness of cross-platform ads with their humorous visual and eye-catching CTA that’s formatted for mobile devices.

B2B Facebook ads - Sprout Social

As another example of a mobile B2B Facebook ad, Sprout Social shows how simplicity can go a long way in this format.

Build Value and Spread Awareness About Your B2B Company With Facebook Advertising

Besides promotional content as a means of driving leads and conversions, value-add copy and product descriptions are equally effective.

In order to entice first-time customers, you can use B2B Facebook ads to spread brand awareness and introduce your product or service.

B2B Facebook ads - Right Networks

One of the most effective strategies for B2B Facebook advertising is leveraging user-generated content.

In fact, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends.

Right Networks displays a customer testimonial to earn the trust of potential clients and get them to click through.

B2B Facebook ads - Shift

In terms of providing value to new customers through a brand awareness B2B Facebook ad, Shift is an excellent example.

Their visual demonstrates how the product works, thereby providing consumers with an enticing preview.

B2B Facebook ads - Human Interest

Human Interest adds even more value to their service with a B2B Facebook ad that repeats their advantages.

Not only does the company mention their benefits in the ad copy, but they’re also highlighted directly in the image.

B2B Facebook ads - Justworks

This B2B Facebook ad example from Justworks demonstrates how to target and use emojis effectively.

The company is clearly speaking to a specific audience of SMBs.

Additionally, they use check marks to highlight their value-props and make the ad more organized and compelling.

Get Started With Your Facebook B2B Marketing

As these B2B Facebook ad examples demonstrate, this platform can be incredibly effective at adding value to your brand and reaching a targeted audience.

Whether your goal is growing your subscriber list, driving site traffic, or just spreading brand awareness with product descriptions, Facebook is the B2B marketing platform to use.

It’s already proven its effectiveness in the B2C realm, and is earning the top spot as the preferred platform for ad buyers in 2018 and 2019.

With more than 66% of B2B companies putting money towards social media advertising, it’s time to consider Facebook for B2B marketing.

Whether you hire an outside B2B Facebook advertising agency or create a strategy internally, it’s clear that this platform has advantages over all other platforms.

For cheap, effective, and trackable campaigns, your business needs to be marketing with Facebook B2B ads.

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