Artsy is a comprehensive platform that makes finding, buying, and selling art online convenient and simple.

The Taktical approach

Taktical identified the reason Artsy’s site wasn’t showing up in search results. Google couldn’t read the site because it was built with Javascript. The Artsy team hadn’t initially noticed the issue because, up until recently, they’d received the majority of their traffic through branding, PR, and social events.

This was another situation that required a multi-faceted strategy. We helped Artsy overcome a daunting problem in the following key ways:

  • Working closely with Artsy developers on a custom solution that allowed them to take advantage of Google’s algorithm. It worked by taking periodic screenshots of the website and automatically converting them into hard-coded HTML.
  • Breaking the site into sections and evaluating each from a commercial keyword value perspective.
  • Identifying artist and artwork pages as primary SEO targets.
  • Optimizing website design for conversions.
  • Developing a robust link-building plan.
  • Leveraging the best tools to track incoming keywords and the likelihood of conversions for each group.

As you can see below, by partnering with Taktical, Artsy didn’t just bounce back from a major issue. They thrived.

Goals and challenges

Artsy had a problem no company wants to face in the digital age: their site wasn’t showing up in Google searches. They needed Taktical to diagnose why. Their eventual goal was to drive more organic leads from Google Search in order to boost website traffic (and ultimately boost conversions).

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